Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth (Chicken)

Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth offers 12 pack of 8 oz and with 9 gm protein per serving which is made from slowly simmered organic free-range chicken bones confirming no powder.

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Pros & Cons of Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth


  • Individual serving size is attractive
  • Natural bone broth with no additives
  • Original taste of natural bone broth
  • Healthy and delicious addition to diet
  • Suitable for Paleo diets & Keto diets


  • Someone may not like the taste

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Customer Reviews on Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth 

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Review 1#

I recently got on a bone broth kick, and I’ve been spending $7 a jar, at a fancy health food store, to get it fresh. I tried kettle & fire, and thought it tasted too strong and fake. And I really prefer the light natural flavor of the pure stuff, with nothing else added. I realize these store bought ones can only be so pure, so I researched the most natural one with no additives, and this brand was heavily researched by a bone broth fanatic online.

I got the chicken with ginger, and was very pleased by the taste. It is very close to the stuff I buy fresh, so I’ll still go buy that, and supplement with this brand in between to help with the outrageous cost. I can really tell a huge difference in my skin at age 39, from drinking bone broth for the last 45 days straight!!! E. Rogers

Review 2#

This bone broth is very convenient and also exceptionally delicious. I like to make rice with it for added protein and flavor. The GINGER is my favorite flavor by far. We also have used it as a base in crockpot meals. Bone broth is good for you bones!Trex

Review 3#

Love this! It is a 12 pack of individual 8-ounce servings at a much better price than at the store. And I love the turkey bone broth with seasonings. Perfect for pouring one into a mug and heating up. Requires no measuring or saving a portion of an open larger carton. –Verna A

Review 4#

Like most broths, this doesn’t have much flavor on its own. That’s part of the reason I like it so much. I add all kinds of different things to give it whatever flavor I want: salt and pepper; thinly sliced green onion; garlic; ginger; turmeric, ramen noodles — there are many choices. MJ Hughes

Review 5#

I have had a hard time finding this Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth in Chicken with Lemongrass flavor (8-oz cartons) in enough quantity on health food websites or in stores, so finding it on Amazon was great. This flavor is particularly tasty, and organic bone broth is so healthy. The 8-oz cartons are perfect for one serving, so I never waste any. I like to add various chopped, cooked organic vegetables to the broth before heating, and top it off with some sliced avocado. (Another nice addition would be crispy corn tortilla strips, making it almost like a traditional Mexican chicken soup.) Delicious! elena j

Review 6#

Noticeable improvement in alertness and energy — this product is excellent. I add cooked vegetables and other things to make interesting soups, or just drink it as a hot beverage with no caffeine.
One little concern: I’m allergic to sea salt, and this product supposedly has none, though other flavors do. But I get a slight sea salt reaction from this, which indicates they don’t clean the facility/pans sufficiently between batches? truefeather77

Review 6#

I LOVE this flavor and the individual size is so good for many reasons. I just wish I could find it locally more easily. It’s a rich chicken bone broth with a light ginger add to the flavor – it’s the perfect balance for my tastes – but everyone likes something different! Bottom line is I like the flavor – and the protein punch of a tasty bone broth. Pacific Foods offers the best taste and best quality version in my opinion. –ForeverYOUNGTop Contributor: Baking

Bottom Line

Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth ensure the nutrients of free-range chicken as well as original test. Someone may not like the test of original broth but others may search for something natural. Those who are searching for natural bone broth, this product is for them. Another important point is, this bone broth is suitable for paleo diets and keto diets. If you are interested to taste then follow the link bellow:

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