Kettle and Fire Bone Broth Variety Pack

Kettle and Fire Bone Broth Variety Pack will provide you 2 packs of beef bone broth, 2 packs of chicken bone broth and 2 servings per container. amazon link


  • A good alternative to homemade bone broth
  • Taste is very close to home made bone broth
  • Perfect for ketogenic diet
  • High quality product
  • Fast & Easy to use


  • Price is quite high

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Customer Reviews on Kettle and Fire Bone Broth Variety Pack

We have made a deep analysis on customer reviews on amazon about Kettle and Fire Bone Broth Variety Pack. Our findings are very positive and some inspiring reviews are shared for your best convenient

Review 1#

Home made bone broth is more economical, and usually better tasting, as YOU are in control of the process and ingredients. However, gathering enough bones and time to make bone broth (up to 24 hours), can be tedious and sometimes, not feasible. Some brands of bone broth don’t make the cut, whether by using low quality or wrong/undesirable ingredients. Kettle & Fire uses desirable ingredients and tastes decent (my personal opinion, chicken is much better than beef). I keep a few containers. C/O Jim

Review 2#

I’ve made bone broth at home and I am very picky but this tastes as close as to my home made that I can imagine. Great for bone broth fasting. S Yung

Review 3#

My entire family has been enjoying the chicken and beef broths for months now. Wholesome ingredients and a quality product are worth every penny, especially when considering the enormous health benefits of 100% grass-fed bone broths! We have been using them in a wide variety of dishes and found creative ways to incorporate broth into our daily lives. Full disclosure: we don’t drink the broth plain so I can’t comment on the taste as is, but it makes amazing soups and we’ve never been disappointed! My 5 year’s favorite food became chicken noodle soup once we started using this brand. The box can be cut at the corner and folded down to be stored in the fridge, and can be used over a few days if not used all at once. We rarely use more than 1-2 cups of broth at once, so the size is just perfect for cooking. Highly recommended product!Wesleann

Review 4#

I tried the chicken/beef broth pack for the first time w/this order. The main thing of note, the boxes are small (about 2 cups) as compared to normal “broth” boxes. $7.99 isn’t terrible, but harder to maintain if you’re looking to drink it daily. I found the beef flavor to be good, the chicken was okay and I am trying to drink it daily to help w/inflammation & general health. I didn’t expect it to be super tasty (based on previous reviews) but it wasn’t bad for my purposes. I’m sure it’d make a great additive to recipes. I’ll buy again, but I will likely go directly through Kettle & Fire because it’s a little cheaper. Heather Wantland

Review 5#

Amazing (but expensive) Tried this product on the advice of Thomas Delauer (the science based six pack abs guy) I started my Ketogenic diet (as I have done for years now staying in shape) As anyone who has been Keto for years knows, the “Keto flu” can make you feel absolutely cruddy. This stuff is amazing! I had almost zero side effects this go around using only 4 boxes of the 16oz broth (2 chik, 2 beef) .Absolutely essential to maintain gut /micro biome health. Hiram A. Biff

Review 6#

This is my top favorite bone broth. I like that it congeals when it’s in the fridge – meaning to me that it actually did soak with some bones (gelatin.) It also tastes delicious (I have drank this straight, and it took away my cold in a flash.) I tried the Epic brand and it was so salty that I had to throw it away. I’ve also tried Bare Bones and that is also good, just doesn’t seem to be as flavorful. The price is a bit high, but I’m sure glad that I don’t have to make my own. 🙂 And buying it in this package does save you a few dollars. Martha Jeane

Bottom Line

Kettle and Fire Bone Broth Variety Pack is a quality product with maintaining world class manufacturing standard. Though the price is quite high we recommend the product for its equivalent return. 

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