Bare Bones Bone Broth Instant Beverage Mix

Bare Bones Bone Broth Instant Beverage Mix is the world’s first bone broth beverage that will provide 10g protein, 0g sugar and 50 calories per serve.


  • Individual serving size packets
  • Quick and easy to make with hot water.
  • Consistent of homemade bone broth.
  • Any flavor, herbs and spices can be added because the product is flavorless.
  • Perfect snack; convenient, affordable and delicious!


  • A bit salty/peppery

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Customer Reviews on Bare Bones Bone Broth Instant Beverage Mix:

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Review 1#

Super convenient and nutritious. Love the option of enjoying a delicious, savory cup of broth in lieu of a sweet (and filled with questionable ingredients) protein bar or shake. I’ve tried a lot of broth and Bare Bones is top notch. Stoked to have these new instant pouches! –Trevin Mikels

Review 2#

Typically three words that are not used together when it comes to bone broth powder; convenient, affordable AND delicious! I have always loved the products created by Bare Bones Broth, and this Instant Beverage Mix is no different The flavor is by far the best powdered bone broth I have ever tried, and I have tried everything currently available on the market. Knowing the importance of nutrient-density and the vast benefits attributed to bone broth makes this product even more amazing! – Natalie Jimenez

Review 3#

Love the packaging! Super easy to take one or many anywhere. Definitely my favorite product so far! –Cassidy

Review 4#

These individual serving size packets are great! I often use only part of a larger bone broth package (in liquid form), then I forget to use the remaining amount within the ecommended time after opening. That doesn’t happen with these. We have been using it to add flavor to certain foods like rice or other dishes that simmer in a liquid. –Claire W

Review 5#

Decided to give Bare Bones a try and I’m so glad I did. The broth is very easy to mix (all you need is hot water), and keeps me feeling satisfied without the sugar high or crash. I like the small packaging which is nice because it takes up less space, and is a convenient rip top. Think of a flavor mix for bottled water, that’s what the packaging looks like. I will definitely purchase again! –Ray C

Review 6#

I was going through a tough process where time was slim and food was scarce. Bare Bones Broth packs not only got me through it but I never felt I was lacking in nutrition or satisfaction. The broth was delicious and I only needed to add hot water from the Keurig. To make it more delicious, I added a pack of soy sauce. It made a bit of difference.
I’ll be ordering more and awaiting new flavors from the company.
Keep up the great work, Bare Bones! –lilliam

Review 7#

A bit salty/peppery and taste’s like the drippings from a beef roast, but you get used to it and actually enjoy the flavor after a while. Seems it has a very positive effect on strength and stamina. I would highly recommend taking this for a while if you are just not feeling right and need to bolster your strength and energy. Takes time, so just use it daily and one day you will notice a definite improvement in how you feel and perform, even every day tasks. –Music2000

Review 8#

I have tried many types of bone broth on the market. Bare Bones definitely has the best favor and taste. I can also see using this in a food receipt. The instant bone broth is definitely good when you can’t make your own bone broth or when you are traveling. In the winter, definitely a good drink for those cold and rainy days –Michael Kuan Chang

Bottom Line:

As a bone broth powder you may not have enough expectation about the taste. But I am sure you will be surprised while you taste it for the first time. It dissolve with hot water very well while others get clumpy. Then why you are late to take it? Be hurry!! 

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