Native Pet Bone Broth

Native Pet Bone Broth For Cats Dogs and other Pets

For healthy leaving, whole food nutrition is essential for pets like a human. Native Pet Bone Broth is a perfect example of whole food for a pet. Native Pet is a bone broth producer company which is very famous for making the best bone broth for dogs and cats. 

A team of passionate pet owners established Native Pet. They started their journey to providing a healthy living to pets with nutritious foods. As the options for pet food are really very limited, Native Pet has been providing pretty healthy pet foods from the very beginning. They provide whole foods for pets. It helps your pet to live a full and vigorous life. Let us talk to detail about Native Pet products.

Bone Broth for Dogs, Cats & Other Pets

Are you anxious about the health of your favorite pet dog? Here is the most nutritionist addition for your pet; it is bone broth for dogs and other pets. 

Native Pet Organic Bone Broth

It is an excellent product from Native Pet undoubtedly. If your pet is picky eater, then this broth is really great for you. The Native Pet bone broth provides a full-body taste of worm bowl gravy which is rich in chicken flavor. It is excellent for older dogs, cats and other pets or even picky eaters who simply enjoy good food. 

Native Pet bone broth
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Features of the product

  • Product weight 6 OZ (170g) per pack
  • Human grade protein powder
  • Rich source of collagen for dogs
  • The delicious and savoury flavour
  • Use organic ingredients
  • Grain-free and dairy-free
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Contain zero percent artificial ingredients and preservatives

Native Pet bone broth for dogs and cats is made with whole organic foods which are sourced from the USA. This instant pet broth is grain-free and dairy-free. It is paleo-friendly also and contain zero percent artificial ingredients and preservatives. That means it is entirely safe for your dog, cat or other pets.

This homemade broth comes in a convenient powder form is served in a warm water bowl for better hydration or poured over dry kibble for boosting flavor. It is a food mixer and topped with sweet potato and chicken. It is shelf-stable and easy to mix. 

Native Pet’s low-calorie bone broth protein powder is a natural and great source of collagen powder. It contains almost 70 percent of protein which known for plenty of functional health benefits.

Making procedure of Native Pet bone broth

Step 1- Take one spoon of organic bone broth

Step 2- Add one cup of warm water

Step 3- Stir to combine, and your bone broth is ready

Provide Native Pet broth to your pet means

  • Healthy and delicious way to motivate your dog or cat to eat kibble or drink water
  • Rich in collagen and protein to aid muscle and joint health
  • Just three organic and all-natural ingredients

The more or less seven ingredients are used in this organic bone broth. They try to filter all inactive ingredients and actively take a stand for bringing whole food to your pet’s diet. 

They intensely focus on nutrition, taste, and ingredients. Usually, pets love a rich, protein-forward flavour. That is why Native Pet include it for taste. For nutrition, it contains whole food ingredients with nutritionist formulas. And finally, for components, it uses more or less seven organic and all-natural ingredients. And the source of ingredients is USA and Canada. 

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Native Pet Pumpkin powder for dogs

Do you know that among all human food, perhaps pumpkin is one of the most beneficial doe dogs? It is a high source of minerals, vitamins like A, C, and E. It is also a rich source of fiber and low in calories. Maybe only for this fiber, most of people love to use pumpkin. Fiber has an amazing capacity to control the digestive system and regularize the stool. So, it is great for preventing both constipation and diarrhea. 

Native Pet Pumpkin powder
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The Native Pet offers plenty of variety and size of pumpkin powder for the pet. You can choose any of them for your pet’s better digestive health and regular discharging process.

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Native Pet Yak chews for dogs

If your pet is naughty and you are always worried about how can you keep your dog busy, then the Yak chews can be a tasty solution. Yak chews is a particular food which can occupy your pet for hours. The chew sticks will help to keep your pet always healthy and happy. 

Native Pet Yak chews
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The Native Pet is also famous for making the best quality yak chews. Their primary ingredient for making chews is pasture-raised milk from cow and yaks. Only three ingredients cow’s milk, salt, and lime juice are enough to make flavorful and healthy chew sticks. The Native Pet comes with plenty of variety and size of chews also.

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Wrapping up

We believe that all pets deserve to live a healthy life and native Pet bone broth is a tiny part of providing necessary nutrition to your pet. It can be a balanced diet for your dog. This will not only keep your pet healthy but also protect them from various diseases.

So, without delay, introduce your beloved pet today with its unparalleled taste. And share with us your first experience with Native Pet. We are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

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