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Instant Pot Bone Broth Recipe With Cook Book

Cooking bone broth means a long time that we all know, but we are also aware of its fantastic usefulness. Despite the numerous health benefits, many of us are unable to make bone broth at home due to lack of time. That is why many rely on the ready-made broth of a shop, though they may not have the same benefits as homemade broth. Hence we are here with the idea of instant pot bone broth.

Well, how about if you have a pot that you can make excellent delicious broth in a short time! Yes, we are introducing here instant pot bone broth, which will take only 120 minutes or 2 hours for perfectly cooked. 

Are you surprised? The instant pot is able to cook your desired bone broth in a very short time. But even if the time is short, compared to other regular broth made with a long time, although there is no difference in nutrition and taste. That is why Instant Pot Bone Broth is becoming popular among health-conscious people day by day.

What is an Instant Pot?

The instant pot is a quality pressure cooker that can cook different meals just within an hour of each only. Even instant pot bone broth will take only 2 hours, while a regular broth takes more than 20 hours, at least. 

It is a space-saving fantastic kitchen appliance that can be used as an alternative of more than the other five kitchen appliances. Depending on its making and the various models, it can be used as a slow cooker for bone broth, rice/ porridge cooker, browning pan/sauté, egg cooker, cake maker, yogurt maker, as well as a steamer, sterilizer, warming pot, and a pressure cooker. 

As this kitchen appliance has various forms of programmable cooking features, it may seem that it will be hard to use for cooking. It is not that. You just have to follow the exact word of the user manual for washing and maintaining. Then the pot will last for a long time, and there will come no matter how frequent you are using it. 

In addition, the best models of instant pots are designed to cook foods quite faster than other regular cooking pots at low energy costs. Moreover, it comes in various models so that you can pick your pot according to your eating habits and lifestyle. For this reason, the prices of instant pot tend to rise with features like the number of food you can cook with it, safety features, and more. 

Which One is the Best Instant Pot to Cook Bone Broth?

As there is plenty of variety of instant pot, you may confuse that which one will be the best for cooking broth. But don’t worry; here we are to solve your problems. Here we presented Instant Pot LUX80, and that is best for cooking the bone broth.

Instant Pot LUX80 (A Programmable Pressure Cooker)

instant pot bone broth

Among the plenty of instant pot, the LUX80 8 Qt is really the best one. Because this multi-use pressure cooker is able to take the place of 6 different kitchen appliances. You can also use the instant pot as a slow cooker for cooking broth, or as a steamer, sauté, rice cooker, and warmer. 

Feature of the product
  • Product dimension is 14.5 x 13.2 x 13.5 inche
  • Item weight is 15.4 pounds
  • 3 Adjustable Modes
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • 6-in-1 capability
  • Power Supply Cord – 33 inches
  • Two prong plug

This pressure cooker includes ten safety mechanisms for providing you safety feelings and confidence in its abilities. The food-grade 304 stainless steel is used in making this pot. So that it uses only 1200 watts of power and runs on 120V to 60 Hz power supply. This cooking pot is UL and ULC certified. 

To the unboxing of the product, you will get the LUX 8 Qt with a stainless steel steam rack, measuring cup, rice paddle, soup spoon, and cookbook. It is featured with 12 smart build-in programs; these are soup/broth, rice, sauté, egg, cake, meat/stew, slow cook, pressure cook, keep warm, steam, porridge, multigrain and any other your favorite dishes.

Benefits of Instant Pot LUX80 8 Qt
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  • The Instant Pot LUX80 is a programmable pressure cooker which able to reduce your overall cooking time by 70 percent and can run up to four hours continuously. 
  • As we already said, the cooker combines six appliances, including the regular pressure cooking function. This cooking pot will also work as a slow cooker, sautés foods, warmer, and nothing to mention being a steamer and rice cooker. 
  • Another noticeable benefit of the LUX80 is, it cooks faster than any other traditional pressure cooker, and it is quite easy to use. Now it comes in a complete upgraded form since the original instant pot. So you will enjoy the simpler and more innovative cooking appliance. 
  • The LUX80 is featured with a total of 12 smart built-in programs for providing frequent cooking actions. The cooker can operate with only one button. Therefore it’s very simple to use. You just have to press the button aligning and do what you want, like a slow cooker or saute.

We are talking about the benefits of the instant pot LUX80, and this is not the end here. This cooking pot comes with the unit’s integrated 3rd generated technology, which allows you to cook very fast with its high pressure. An amazing part of the pressure cooker is that it keeps the taste of the food intact. The majority of online reviews are in favor of the cooker, and the user finds that the food tastes quite delicious. Even the food cook with the adjustable modes also contains a good level of nutrition.

Some advantages of using Instant Pot LUX80 8 Qt
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  • Suitable for beginner cook: The biggest advantage of using this instant pot LUX80 8 Qt is, it is specially designed for the beginner or new cook. If you are new in cooking and looking for a faster way to make delicious and healthy meals for your family at home, then this LUX80 8 Qt is the best choice. 
  • Time-saving cooker: Making instant pot bone broth is also quite easy with this cooker. You just have to wait only for 120 minutes, that’s all. This quick broth will make your time free for other tasks. You can clean your home, or take a hot bath or enjoy your favorite TV shows. 
  • Including programmable options: The programmable option of the LUX80 make it one of the best instant pot. It is not only a rice cooker or a slow cooker but a pressure cooker also. The attached button with the customize setting options will make simple your cooking allow you to do exactly what you want your food need.  
  • Different temperature settings: There are three different temperature setting options “less, Normal, and More” on the pot. This adjustable temperature setting provides greater flexibility to your cooking. You can see the cooking time easily on the front of the pot, and if you want, then turn off the sound also. 
  • 6 kitchen appliances in 1
  • Easy one-touch controls
  • Consistent results, 3rd generation technology
  • Alexa skill & App
  • High-pressure settings
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Stainless steel cooking pot, steam rack with lid
  • Large display panel and fingerprint resistant.
  • Many cooking options can make confuse a new cook.
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Safety Mechanism

The LUX80 is carefully designed with ten safety mechanisms, which will ensure your complete safety. These are: 

1. Steam release

2. Leaky lid detection

3. Thermal fuse

4. Electrical fuse

5. Automatic pressure control

6. Overheat protection

7. Automatic temperature control

8. Lid position detection

9. Safety lid lock

10. Anti-block shield

instant pot bone broth

Instant pot LUX80 is the ideal kitchen appliance for your healthy lifestyle and faces-paced. It does not even have a pair of making delicious dishes. Using the Alexa app, you can try more than 750 recipes with it. 

Instant pot bone broth is also quite a healthy and nutrient-rich drink. And you can make it in the shortest time also. Are you still not thoroughly convinced about cooking the bone broth with LUX80? Don’t worry at all; here, we presented a fantastic recipe book that contains 500 delicious and healthy instant pot bone broth recipes! It’s astonishing, isn’t it? Let us know something more about this cookbook.

Instant Pot Bone Broth Recipes Cook Book

instant pot bone broth recipe

Book title: 500 Paleo Anti Inflammatory Instant Pot, Bone Broth and Dessert Recipe

Book author: Mercedes Del Rey

Language: English

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication Date: Jul 3, 2017

Length: 774 pages

Overview of book:

500 instant pot bone broth and dessert recipes will help you to become healthier and younger. All recipes are Paleo diet-friendly and anti-inflammatory, which means you will get relief from your pains and other physical discomforts very soon. Most of the user reviews are positive, and it proves that these recipes are really effective for a healthy lifestyle.  

The book is for those:

This book is suitable for those who are suffering from inflammation and joint pains and want to cook bone broth using instant pot in the shortest time. If you need to make anti-inflammatory bone broth to get rid of joint pains and feel annoying as bone broth takes plenty of hours to cook, then Mercedes’s ‘‘500 Paleo Anti Inflammatory Instant Pot, Bone Broth and Dessert Recipe’’ book is the excellent solution for you. 

Let us see what is in this book:

The Paleo eating method is quite popular and famous throughout the world among health-conscious people. This diet method is highly enjoyable and superbly efficient to match your body needs and restore optimum health. It is also a fabulous way to get rid of stubborn fat. 

This recipe book brilliantly combined the benefits of a paleo diet with all the conveniences and advantages of the instant pot cooking method. As a result, a superb collection of super healthy and highly nutritious dishes can be prepared quickly and easily with the amazing instant cooking pot. Your food will always be delicious, and the mega collection of these five hundred mouth-watering recipes is designed to make you feel fantastic.  

This fabulous recipe book will introduce you with plenty of healthy bone broth dishes as well as incredibly healthy dessert; feature the time-saving instant pot, and the massive collection of 500 creative Paleo recipes. It is not the ending at all. You can also learn like 

  • Managing right weight, 
  • Losing extra weight 
  • Get rid of inflammatory diseases, 
  • Active immune system, 
  • Increase natural energy levels, 
  • Make refresh for the whole day,
  • Make lower the cholesterol levels,
  • Balance metabolism,
  • Reduce cravings for sugary snacks, 
  • Clean skin from inside,
  • Detox your body,
  • Save cooking time,
  • Wake up tastes buds and many more. 

 The Paleo diet is a wholly natural way of fueling your body. So that the 500 Paleo Anti-Inflammatory Instant Pot Bone Broth and Desserts Recipe book is an excellent way of renewing your lifestyle.

Wrapping up

Instant pot bone broth is a great solution to get rid of your old health conditions. So jump towards your new lifestyle with Instant pot LUX80 right now and make healthy and tasty bone broth using Mercedes’s ‘‘500 Paleo Anti Inflammatory Instant Pot, Bone Broth and Dessert Recipe’’ book. Just collect these two life-changing things and make it happen. You deserve it. 

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