Best Bones For Bone Broth

Best Bones For Bone Broth To Get Better Health Benefits.

Drinking bone broth becomes the latest trend among health-conscious people. However, bone broth is an essential nutrient-rich beverage for any age group. It is possible to create a healthy bone broth when you use the best bones for bone broth.

Have you ever feel the importance of best bones for bone broth? Bones are the main ingredient of bone broth and when it comes from the right source, your broth becomes nutrient-rich and healthy beverage. In today’s article, we will discuss how to collect and preserve the best bones to make a healthy broth.

Which are the best bones for bone broth?

If you are a starter then please be informed that you have to collect the healthiest ingredient to make healthy bone broth. Bones from pastured, organic, and grass-fed animals is the best choice. Bones from organic animals are highly nutrients-dense, and these bones come from the healthiest animals raised in an environment with minimum toxins as possible.

If it is not possible to collect such types of organic animal’s bones then try to get the highest quality bones you can afford. You can take the bones from just from any type of meat you like. 

You can pick bones from beef, goat, pork, bison, lamb, chicken, duck, goose, turkey, and venison. Take those bones which have a lot of cartilage, because when you cook broth for a long time the collagen of the cartilage breaks down into gelatin in the bone broth. You can follow the below-listed tips for collecting the best bones for the healthiest broth:

Simple Tips that should follow:

  • The best parts of beef bones for making broth are knuckles, feet, joints, and marrow bones. 
  • Neck bones are good.
  • A beef’s or calf’s feet are rich in collagen.
  • Chicken feet are a great source of collagen.
  • Use the full turkey or chicken carcass, backs, necks, and feet.
  • Add extra thighs and wings to turkey or chicken bone broth.
  • To add a lot of flavor to your bone broth use meaty bones like shank, oxtail, and short ribs. 
  • You can also add a cartilage rich pig’s foot to any broth recipe and be assured it will not affect the flavor. 

How to collect best bones for bone broth?

Homemade bone broth is healthier than a ready broth and it is quite easy to make also. But you may be confused about where will collect the bones. Well, here we show you some easy way to collect the best bones.

You can save bones from your holiday hams and turkeys and any rotisserie chickens that you going to buy. You can also buy bones separately for making broth. Try to make a contract with small butcher shops because they are the ideal place to get the best bones especially the beef bones.

We know it very well, meaty bones are the crucial component to make a flavorful broth. Many experts recommend using bones from beef short ribs or shanks. If you buy and cook meat often then collect the leftover bones in a food grade bag and store in your freezer. Now make your favorite broth when the bag is full.

Chicken bones collection

If you want to make chicken broth then you can use chicken backs. These backs are easy to collect if you are habituated to purchase a whole chicken and cut them at home into smaller portions. If you are not accustomed to cutting chicken yourself, you can also pick it up at the butcher shop the next morning.

Chicken wings and chicken legs are also the best selection for making broth. They are fairly cheap and also have a pretty good meat-to-bone-to-cartilage ratio. Chicken feet are the wonderful source of both collagen and gelatin. Moreover, they are quite cheap like wings and backs.  

Where to buy best bones for bone broth?

We are often asked by the broth lovers where to buy bones for bone broth. Here are a variety of options: 

  • Purchase whole chicken all the time and cut it yourself. Store backs, wings, and legs for your next broth recipe.
  • If your recipe needs boneless meat, buy it with bones and cut it yourself. This will not only save your money but give you bones for broth also.
  • Save the bones when you cook chicken dishes and use those bones to the broth making. If your recipe had any breading or sauces, rinse off the bones before proceeding. 
  • Talk to the butcher at your local market. They are often able to provide bones according to your demand. 
  • Make contact with all the grass-fed beef farmers in your area. Offer them to pay a nominal fee for proving bones and feet. The farmer will provide your required bones when the client leaves bones and picks up their side of lamb/beef/whatever. Even many broth lovers obtain their bones for beef broth this way. 
  • Find out those butchers where your farmer takes his animals. Make contact with them to get bones from him or make some other arrangement.
  • If you are unable to collect the bones at all locally, contact online farmers. Many reliable online sellers can give you the best bones for bone broth. 

Going to a small butcher shop is a good idea for buying bones. The Honey Baked Ham is most probably the best source for ham bones broth recipe. They often run BOGO deals throughout the holidays so it is a great time to stock more bones for various delicious broth recipes. 

How to preserve it?

You have known the way of collecting the best bones for bone broth, but do you know how to preserve them? This is very important. Because if you cannot properly preserve bones, healthy broths cannot be created with them. Let us talk about different ways to preserve bones properly.

Can I freeze bones for bone broth?

Many people ask me can they use frozen bones for bone broth. Yes, definitely. Even it will be a wise decision to preserve excess bones from today’s recipe for making broth in the future. 

How long it can be safe?

If you can properly store beef bones in the freezer then it can last not only about 6 to 12 months but will remain safe beyond that time also. Even the freezer will keep safe the beef ribs indefinitely at 0°F. 

If you want to store ham bones then keep them in a freezer bag and ensure the top is sealed perfectly. To get the highest benefits from the frozen ham bones use them within three months. Some flavor may be a loss if you keep them so long. Even the cartilage and any bit of meat remaining on the bones may get dry out or freezer burn.

Do you are still thinking that making bone broth is expensive? Let me assure you that making the healthiest bone broth is not expensive at all. Moreover, you reuse the bones that you have to use in any other previous recipe until they begin to disintegrate. 

Many people said that chicken bones can be used up to 3 times and beef bones up to 12 times. But I think, if you reuse the bones, the next batches of broth are significantly less flavorful. 

Wrapping up

Finding the best bones for bone broth, not a quite tough job. You just have to be a little bit tricky and inquisitive. Best bones mean healthiest broth and healthiest broth means the maximum benefits. So, try to collect the organic and grass-fed animal’s bones and if possible reuse it. Like this, at the same time, you will get the maximum benefits from bones and save money. To collect the best bones and enjoy your healthy worm broth.  

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