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Best Bone Broth Recipe for Healthy Diet

Do you ever taste bone broth? Definitely, your answer is ‘yes’ as it very common drink. The recipe is quite simple but rich in nutrition. It’s become very popular now a day’s, especially among the health conscious people. As it has many health benefits, you can also add this drink to your diet.

Though we can’t show any specifically published research on bone broth, lots of evidence proves the benefits of this amazing drink. But if you have not yet received the taste of the bone broth, then let’s introduce you to best bone broth recipe..   

 What is bone broth?

Bone broth is a liquid made from animal bones along with the connective tissue. Usually, cattle, chicken even fish bones are used for making bone broth. But you can also use any animal’s bone like beef, pork, venison, buffalo, bison, lamb, turkey or veal. These bones are boiled in a slow simmered with vegetable, 20+ herbs, and spices. It is a very simple liquid but rich in health benefits. Marrow along with connective tissues like fins, gizzards, beaks, hooves or feet can be used.

Are the bone broth and regular stock same thing?

The answer is ‘NO’.

The bone broth is different from regular stock in two ways. One is simmering time and another is the using parts of animals.

Regular stock is simmered for a shorter period of time and as we see the recipe, the broth takes a very long time to cook properly.

Usually, we use the flesh along with the bones to make stock.

But bones along with feet, knuckles, oxtail, and marrow bones are used for cooking the bone broth.

The Common Best bone broth recipe

The common bone broth recipe is quite simple. Though various bone broth recipes are available online but most of the people even not want to use them.  Initially, you will need a large pan, animal bones, water, and vinegar.

For your convenience, here we share a very simple and easy recipe for bone broth which you can follow:


  • Water as needed (usually 4 liters water needs for 1-2 kg bones).
  • Apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon (30 ml).
  • Animal bones about 1-2 kg (2-4 pounds).
  • Salt and pepper as your taste.
  • Vegetables as you like.
  • Herb and spice as you like.


  1. Clean the bones perfectly.
  2. Cut the vegetables and herbs into small pieces.
  3. Take a large pot and place all ingredients along with water.
  4. Keep it in a slow cooker till start boiling.
  5. Decrease the simmer and let the bones cook for 12 to 24 hours.
  6. The longer you cook it, the better taste and nutrition will come out. 
  7. Let the broth cool completely. Strain the liquid into a large pot and discard the solids.

For making the bone broth most nutritious, the best way is to use a variety of bones like feet, knuckles, oxtail, and marrow bones. You are even allowed to match and mix the bones in the same batch. Vinegar is a very important ingredient of this recipe. It pulls out all the valuable nutrients of the bones and mixed into the water. This mixture is ultimately the broth that you will be consuming.

You can choose some vegetables whatever you like along with your favorite herbs and spices. These will increase the taste and flavor of the broth. Usually, people include carrot, parsley, celery, onion, garlic, and thyme. As the recipe of bone broth is very simple, all you should try it at your kitchen.

How to preserve bone broth for a few days

As we see the recipe of bone broth, it is quite easy and simple. So you can make it in a large batch and store safely in the refrigerator only for up to five days. To preserve your broth for a long time, you should freeze it in the small containers and heat up them individually as needed before serving. 

How can you include bone broth in your regular diet?

We have seen that the recipe of the bone broth is very easy. But you may worry about how you can include it in your regular diet. Bone broth is such kind of drink that has really no limit and instruction to how you have to include it to your diet. The bone broth is blended surprisingly well into almost all recipes like stews, soups even it is quite tasty to plain sip. You can use it in smoothies also! Here we discuss two different ways to include broth in your regular diet. Let’s see.

  • According to our recipe, the bone broth is enough tasty to drink on its own. But if you want to make it more delicious you can add some spices and vegetables according to your taste.
  • Usually, the bone broth recipe comes with a very mild flavor. It is able to blend with almost any other recipe easily. You can use broth even smoothies and gummy bears also. Here is some recipe where bone broth can add some extra flavor:
  • Chicken soup
  • Green bone both smoothie
  • Crock-pot pulled pork tacos
  • Quinoa Buddha breakfast bowl
  • Creamy mushroom chicken risotto
  • Raspberry gummy bears.

Bone broth is a beverage that is rich in nutrients and is also very easy to make. There are also several health benefits. Let’s see what they are

I can share you some ideas from my own experience for bone broth diet

1. Drink broth instead of tea or coffee

Plain bone broth is delicious enough to drink. So you can take it instead of your daily tea or coffee. You can add some finishers like fresh herbs, fish sauce, pepper, sea salt, raw butter or spices. 

2. Make a taste soup

Bone broth can make your soup tastier. The bone broth recipe with soup is quite easy also. You just have to add some other meats, eggs and vegetables and your quick soup is ready.

3. Use as home remedies

Bone broth can also use for beauty treatments and medicinal healing remedies. Bone broth can convert your boring food to delicious medicine. Bone broth is used in Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, and other health approaches.

4. Use in other recipes

Usually, bone broth recipe is very simple but you can use it in other recipes to make them delicious. You can use it as a key collagen-rich ingredient in other recipes. Be happy dear, your delicious dishes of bone broth will better your nails, hair, and skin along with improving your joint health and digestive health!

5. Take it as your quick meal

As the broth can store for a few days, you can use it as your quick meal. Take some broth into the thermal and add leftover cooked meat, vegetables, spices or egg and carry it to your work. This healthier soup can be your nice lunch also.  

Bottom line

Surely your idea is clear now about what is a bone booth & best bone broth recipe. Actually, this nutrient-rich drink as quite familiar to the health concern people. As the bone broth recipe is so simple it is also popular to the job holders. If you still not taste it then just go to your kitchen and cook it now. Don’t forget to share your first experience with it. All the best.


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